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From a young age, Alex and my little brother have been great friends.

From a young age, Alex and my little brother have been great friends. I can remember babysitting him along with his little brother on several occasions. It was such a privilege to photograph him especially after watching him grow into such a strong, tall, football playing kinda man! Despite his timid personality, he was able to crack a few smiles at my silly jokes and talk about the days when he and my little brother used to go fishing in the lake behind his parents house.

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I absolutely love photographing high school seniors. Maybe it's because I know over the next year, they will be getting ready for so many new experiences. For most of them, when they graduate, their life will drastically change. They will move away from their parents, live with people they've never met, and learn to find their way in the world. I like to continue my friendship with each one of my clients and their families through social media. I can't wait to see that little light bulb above their head go onwhen they finally realize what they we're born to do.

Thank you Mrs. Connie for trusting me to do Alex's senior portraits. I know these portraits will be treasured for many, many years. He was a pleasure to photograph- you've raised a handsome young man. I can't wait to see what God has in store for him!

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